Barbolini’s formula to victory is to focus on basics


Manila, Philippines, October 21, 2016 – Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul coach Massimo Barbolini revealed the basic formula he used to achieve victory against the PSL-F2 Logistics Manila in the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship at the Mall of Asia Arena on Friday.

Massimo Barbolini, Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul coach: “They played for two hours. That was very good volleyball for two hours! They gave us many problems because they had good defence. They improved during this tournament. We have to think about our match tomorrow because it is a very important match. We need to prepare very well and we need to play better as possible and use this chance we have. “

On why not all players were given the chance to play:

“It was important for us to start the rhythm for this competition, and I need to preserve them, so they are ready for tomorrow and after tomorrow.

“Their defence (PSL) was really good and their service, and these were the skills that created more problems today. In the second set, the local players did their job. There is a big difference from a physical point of view, but technically they did good.

“I think the key in this difficult match is to do the easy things as better as possible, like simple blocking.

On their next match against VakifBank Istanbul:

“We are two teams that know each other very well. But overall for us, because we are a new team, we are starting to know each other, and it’s a good test tomorrow.”

Neslihan Demir, Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul captain: “They played very well but in the end we won and we're happy. Tomorrow, we have a very important game, and we are now starting to think a lot about tomorrow.”

Moro Branislav, PSL-F2 Logistics Manila coach: “Normally, we know where the PSL team stands in this tournament, but this is very important moment for Philippine volleyball. This is the first time the Philippine team won a set in a big competition against a foreign team. And this was a very big important set, this set will go down in the history of Philippine volleyball.

“My players are very happy, especially when all Filipino players came in. I prepared All-Filipino players before the start of the match because for me, I’m interested in promoting the Filipino players, and that’s important that they played against one big club, and against another for tomorrow. This is a very important experience for Philippine players, and I guarantee you after this competition, Filipino players will be better in the Asian level.

“This is a win for Philippine volleyball, and I guarantee you after this tournament the level of Philippine volleyball will go up 30 to 40 per cent, this is very big. 

“All 14 players were smiling, and that’s important in my work. I like the good atmosphere. The most important thing is to prepare a good atmosphere for the team.

“I have trust in my Filipino players. I see this moment as an opportunity for every team in the PSL league.”

“I always expect to win one set. I always give a chance for our team. To promote Philippine volleyball and local players are my priority. “

Rachel Anne Daquis, PSL-F2 Logistics Manila captain: “Today we had a good match against Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul. This is a great exposure and experience. We're happy we got the chance to play all-Filipino for the second set, so we're lucky for that opportunity given by Coach Moro. After the game, we really thanked him.”

Lynda Morales, PSL-F2 Logistics Manila player: “My team and I are very happy to win a set. I'm glad everyone is given an opportunity. We had the chance to express our talents both local and foreign.”

On local players for the second set:

“They came out with so much energy. Cheering from the crowd helped us when we're out playing, and it was great that the fans supported the locals.”


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