Coaches look forward to 'strongest' Women's Club World Championship


Coaches and captains of the eight participating teams at the 2016 FIVB Club World Championship.

Manila, Philippines, October 17, 2016 - Although some are in it for the experience and the exposure and some are eying the medals, all coaches and captains agree that the 2016 FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship beginning Tuesday at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila is the strongest edition in the history of the competition and the final outcome is very hard to predict.

The coaches and captains were speaking to an impressive media gathering at the official Press Conference of the competition, which brings together the cream of international volleyball players from around the world, including Olympic gold medallists and other Olympians, as well as a host of world and continental champions.

Captains (left to right): Pleumjit Thinkaow (Bangkok Glass), Valentina Tirozzi (Pomi Casalmaggiore), Neslihan Demir (Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul), Regiane Bidias (Rexona Sesc Rio de Janeiro), Gozde Kirdar (VakifBank Istanbul), Nataliya Mammadova (Volero Zurich), Miyu Nagaoka (Hisamitsu Springs Kobe), Rachel Daquis (PSL-F2 Logistics Manila).

Here's what they said, when coaches were asked what thought their teams' chances are in the competion and captains were requested to comment on what it's like to play wth clubs against some national team teammates:

Kittipong Pornchartyingcheep (Bangkok Glass coach): "We are first-timers in the Club World Championship and we'll just have to do our very best."

Pleumjit Thinkaow (Bangkok Glass): "For me personally it's nice to be here again in the Philippines in this first appearance for our club at the Club World Championship."

Massimo Barbolini (Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul): "I believe we are like everybody. I don't know exactly what our chances are in this competition but I'm sure it will be a tough event. I think for us it's important to think day-by-day. Take one game at a time."

Neslihan Demir (Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul): "My teammates are playing in different countries, but we still play for our clubs. We are used to playing against each other."

Coaches (left to right): Giovanni Caprara (Pomi Casalmaggiore), Masismo Barbolini (Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul), Kittipong Pornchartyingcheep (Bangkok Glass), Giovanni Guidetti (VakifBank Istanbul), Kumi Nakada (Hisamitsu Springs Kobe), Zoran Terzic (Volero Zurich), Branislav Moro (PSL-F2 Logistics Manila), Bernardo Rezende (Rexona Sesc Rio de Janeiro).

Kumi Nakada (Hisamitsu Springs Kobe): "It's a combination of players for our team. This is the first time that I am head coach of Hisamitsu Springs. I spent time with these players from high school and they are here now. Some teams have Olympians and world-class players. This is a very important tournament for us because every player will gain experience with the top level of players in the world. We'll do our best against each team."

Miyu Nagaoka (Hisamitsu Springs Kobe): "There's lots of innovation in this competition so it is important for us to be part of it. We will do our best for our team."

Branislav Moro (PSL-F2 Logistics Manila): "It's the first time for me in this competition and I see a great number of fans and television interest. It's a good thing for Filipino volleyball. I have great respect for every coach here today and thank you for making this possible. For my team this is big experience. There are strong teams like Rexona. In my opinion, the number of people in the tournament is very good for volleyball."

Rachel Daquis (F2 Logistics): "We're very luck and honoured to play against these top-caliber teams and I know that it's a great experience and exposure for Philippines volleyball."

Giovanni Caprara (Pomi Casalmaggiore): "This tournament is of very high level. Everyone is very strong and anyone can win. I'm very excited to play in the Club World Championship because it's for the first time in my life."

Valentina Tirozzi (Pomi Casalmaggiore): "There will be no other Italian players against our team. We are the only ones who can represent our country. We are so honored to be here playing against a lot of super-strong players and champions from all over the world."

Bernardo Rezende (Rexona Sesc Rio de Janeiro): "We are a traditional team but this is a new group. We are playing against some all-star teams here. So many great players from the world. It's a good start for us here in this tournament. We might lose but we have to keep going. And if we lose, working hard is our option. To work hard, to improve while playing against the best in the world, that's an amazing experience for our team."

Regian Bidias (Rexona Sesc Rio de Janeiro): "We're very happy to be here. It's the third time we are participating in the Club World Championship. I'm very happy to be encountering players playing for Volero and Eczacibasi. We'll be playing against great players but we're happy to meet them here in Manila."

Giovanni Guidetti (VakifBank Istanbul): "I believe this is the best Club World Championship so far in the last three to four years. It's incredible. We have great teams and players in this tournament. We have a lot of Olympic coaches and players and it's an honour to be here and I can't predict the chances of any team."

Gozde Kirdar (Vakifbank): "I am proud to be here along with these coaches and players and I totally agree with Neslihan. We are used to playing against each other. We are professional players. We are ready for this. Good luck to everyone."

Zoran Terzic (Volero Zurich): "The Club World Championship in the Philippines is one of the best and one of the most important competitions this season. We worked hard and we're very happy to be here. Of course, the level of competition is very high. It's difficult to predict the outcome of the competition. But it's all about playing well and we will see in the end."

Natalia Mammadova (Volero Zurich): "It's great to be here and participate in this kind of competition. It's important for us, our team, to improve ourselves from last year. We will try to do it step by step."

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