Great attitude works wonders for Volero Zurich in tiebreaker


Volero Zurich players kept a positive attitude on the court to beat Vakifbank Istanbul in the fifth set

Manila, Philippines, October 20, 2016 – A determined Volero Zurich squad came from behind to beat Vakifbank Istanbul in the second five-set match of the day in the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship at the Mall of Asia Arena on Thursday.

Zoran Terzic, Volero Zurich coach: “It was a very interesting game and with good quality. It's very important for Volero and the players that they can win against a team like Vakifbank, because they are one of the strongest teams in the world.

“Before the tie-break set, we spoke about attitude in the court first of all. We need to play with a lot of courage if we want to win.”

Natalya Mammadova, Volero Zurich captain“It was great match between us. Vakifbank are a great team with nice and tall players, but today we played as a team. With this win, we built our confidence more.

“After the second set, we went down but we had good spirit, we believed and supported each other which brings us to today.”

Giovanni Guidetti, Vakifbank Istanbul coach: “They played a great match. They're strong and they have a lot of players that can really change the game every time they do a substitution. I congratulate my players for the good fight and (Volero) Zurich for good volleyball.

“We will fight every time and we will not give up. We are known for being a team that never gives up.”

Gozde Kirdar, Vakifbank Istanbul captain: “I think it was a great game today even though we did many mistakes, but it was okay because tomorrow we have another very important game.

“We will never give up. It doesn't mean that even if we lost, we'll give up. We have a great team.”


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