Kenia Carcaces back at Volero Zürich


Kenia Carcaces looks forward to playing a big role for Swiss champions Volero Zürich

Zürich, Switzerland, September 16, 2016 - Multiple Swiss champions Volero Zürich have just announced the signing of another big reinforcement for the upcoming season as former Volero player Kenia Carcaces will celebrate her return to the team from the economic heart of Switzerland.

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The wing spiker previously played at Volero Zürich from 2013 to 2015 before taking her luck in the Brazilian Superliga.

Over the last two seasons, Cuban-born Carcaces played at Brazilian top side Nestlé Família Mais Ativa from São Paulo, where she topped the scorer list with 348 points in 2015 (sixth in the Superliga Feminina) and ranked second with 310 points last season.

At a club level, Carcaces has celebrated various achievements; amongst others, gold with Hisamitsu Springs Kobe at the Kurowashiki All Japan Volleyball Tournament in 2006 and with Ciudad de La Habana in the Cuban Liga Nacional in 2010, two Swiss Championship and Swiss Cup titles, as well as silver with Osasco in the South American Championship in São Paulo and in the Brazilian Superliga Feminina in 2015.

Carcaces has also claimed successes with the Cuban national team. A fourth place at the Olympic Games in Beijing, gold at the Pan American Games in 2007 and silver in 2011 are just some of numerous trophies in Carcaces’ impressive collection.

Thereafter, however, Carcaces retired from international volleyball in 2011. The Cuban spiker made her comeback at club level at Volero Zürich two years later, where she established herself amongst the best spikers in Europe. The wing spiker finished the CEV Champions League, Europe’s premier competition in club volleyball, as sixth best scorer in 2013 and was awarded “2nd Best Outside Spiker” at the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship in 2014.

Now, Carcaces is back in Europe, and looking forward to competing with the best. The Cuban-born is looking forward to seeing her old friends again. “I have always felt at home here in Zürich and at Volero Zürich. That’s why I have always kept in contact with some of the players and people from Volero. It feels like a homecoming to me,” Carcaces said.

Volero coach Zoran Terzic is convinced that Kenia Carcaces’ offensive power will have a big impact on the attacking game of the team. “Kenia Carcaces has an impressive swing. Her offensive power is feared by the blocks of the best clubs in the world - her stats at Nestlé Família Mais Ativa are the proof. I think she can give us an extra boost in our already very strong attacking game,” he said.

Kenia Carcaces, on the other hand, aims high for the upcoming season. “This team have got a lot of potential. I am confident that we can go for medals this season. My teammates and I are eager to do everything in our power in the pre-season to be ready for the challenges – most of all the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship as well as the CEV Champions League,” Carcaces explained.


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