Pomi show fighting spirit despite fatigue


Pomi Casalmaggiore endured the five-set match against Rexona-Sesc Rio in spite of the fatigue

Manila, Philippines, October 19, 2016 – Pomi Casalmaggiore showed such a magnificent fighting spirit in their 3-2 win over Rexona-Sesc Rio despite some physical problems of their key players in the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship at the Mall of Asia Arena on Wednesday.

Giovanni Caprara, Pomi Casalmaggiore coach: “I’m so satisfied with my players because they fought well in this incredible match. I hope we can play better. We can still improve in the succeeding matches. I'm looking forward to win the next match to be in the final four.”

“We have to put inside the court our power and our will to win.”

“I’m a little worried about the fatigue of my players. But I have a lot of players and there is a chance to play with my other players.”

Valentina Tirozzi, Pomi Casalmaggiore captain: “I'm really proud of my team tonight. It was a hard match to play and to win. We gave our best, and today is the victory of the team. This is what we are. We had some physical problems but we didn't give up.”

Bernardo Rezende, Rexona-Sesc Rio: “This is a team sport and we have to fight for the ball, but we lost our confidence. We started making mistakes, we served poorly.”

“My team could fight back and win and this is a learning experience, a tough one.”

“Pomi played well and they deserved to win but we'll do our best tomorrow and we have to try.”

Regiane Bidias, Rexona-Sesc captain: “I have no words for the foolish mistakes the team made. There is no communication, the other team wouldn’t give us anything and they didn’t give up.”


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